The sun generates 8,000 times the earth’s annual energy usage. It's time to become your own power company.


Save money.

When solar first emerged onto the market, a common fear was that despite long-term savings, it was too expensive in the short run to invest in. Things have changed, and thanks to advances in technology and flexible financing plans, solar is more affordable than ever. You can expect to save between 20-30% on your energy bills after switching to True Energy.


Increase Your Home's Value.

Wall Street Journal reported that homes with photovoltaic systems sell for $25,000 more on average than homes without PV systems.  True Energy uses high quality black panels. See Article >>


Make A Difference.

You don’t have to be a tree-hugger to realize that your choices make an impact on the environment.

Switching to solar means doing your part to save the planet from harmful carbon emissions. Red state or blue state, go green and leave this place better than you found it. Your kids will thank you for it.